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Have we ever wondered how the company ambassadors feel to be in the top 100 company affairs? No idea of how often people sit together joining their heads together pondering about ther feelings!

Lets talk about FUTUREBRAND. It describes itself as “the Creative Future Company” and says “we define and deliver future brand experiences.”

In every new year, FutureBrand sights at the 100 biggest firms, request 3,000 customers and industry expertise in 17 countries about them and generate a grading of what is called perception strength, rather than financial strength.

This year shows Apple again on the top spot, after last year’s downfall.

Those of Android phones and otherswill soon recognize that Google is no more one of the 100 largest firms.The position held on the ranking chart was for Microsoft, which has also scored high due to its excellence and brilliant innovations!

Third was Samsung,who was at number 7 last year. Facebook and Amazon also appeared in the top 10.

The lowest ranking tech companies were Vodafone at 88, Comcast at 86 and, perhaps surprisingly, Verizon at 83.


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