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Here comes another great news in the field of technology for Pakistan. Careem,

an app-based cab finding service expands its operations worldwide including

Pakistan. The company invests a hundred million dollars during the next five

years. According to the foundations, Careem is going to make expansion in UAE,

Pakistan, Germany, and Egypt. It will expand its teams and also establish new R

and D centers in the countries.

According to the co-founder, Magnus Olsen,

“Careem is committed to providing the region a safe and reliable transportation

service. In order to do that, we have to focus on R&D, which is why we have

publicized this investment today.”

Recently, the company hires 50 engineers from technology solutions company

Venture Dive after expanding its services in Pakistan. It also launches an

economy car service in Lahore. This service helps you to hire a car through an

app, and you can choose from a list of economy cars or business cars.

Careem raised $60 million last year and acquired Savaree, Lahore’s biggest local

car hiring service. This is indeed an intelligent decision by Careem to take on the

taxi service in Pakistan

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