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If you were addicted to the DOTS and TWO DOTS, Heres a good news for you. The developers from the house of Dots and Two Dots have announced there another thriller addition to their gaming collection with the name “Dots and Co.”

The game play is quite similar to the previous version “TWO DOTS” where you had to finish up the level with minimum dots. The change is that here you meet up with different characters at each stage. Each character has its own ability like, removing the dots of one specific color or changing all the dots to same color. Also as you finishes up the level you meet new friends to help you out in further levels. The graphics are quite clear and the requirements are not that to be met with high end smart phones, you can easily play on mid range smart phone with no glitches.

You can download this game on Android and iOS after 21st July 2016.

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