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Although most of the Lahoris enjoy the free ride incentive from uber, keep in mind your whole journey from pick up location to the destination is being monitored. That is just one concern for the passengers but when it comes to the drivers, they now have to make sure about each and every move they make while carrying a passenger.

  1. Uber collects the pickup location from starting point to the destination. If your driver has started the journey just before he arrives, passenger can easily make a complain.
  2. Using GPS, Gyroscope and accelerometer, Uber determines whether uber drivr is driving the vehicle real slow or just blowing the engine away.
  3. Even if you apply break real hard while driving, Boom, They can easily determine the style of your driving.
  4. If you remove your phone from the dock, it will generate a notification that driver is distracted from driving.However, there are some benefits as well. If you are driving for long time it may suggest you to take some break. The rating for the passenger you were driving for is also one tool which can be used appropriately.

So now you just don’t have to take care of the passenger but also the vehicle you are driving. Stay Safe!

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