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In order to provide the consumers with a healthy source of cold drinking water during the hot summer months, EcoStar – a leading brand of electronics and innovative technologies, has launched an energy-efficient water dispenser – Model: WD-400F, with special features to suit the Pakistan market.

According to a press release, EchoStar has designed this modern lifestyle solution, with a capacity to supply 24 Litres of clean and healthy drinking water, at homes and in offices. It is available at an affordable price of Rs.15,900. It comes with a one-year ‘Compressor & Parts’ warranty to ensure instant supply of hot & cold drinking water. The salient features of this high-quality water dispenser include; Slim designs, Overheat Protection, LED Indicators for Hot & Cold, Mini Refrigerator and Freezer, Energy-Saving, silent operation and Eco-Friendly technology, along with Compressor Cooling.

The Head of Marketing of DWP Group stated that; It is our pleasure to introduce an increasing range of reliable and efficient electronics products in Pakistan, including the EcoStar water-dispensers which promote a healthy and comfortable lifestyle for the consumers, especially during the upcoming hot summer months in the country.

Other high-quality models of EcoStar water dispensers already available in Pakistan, with one-year Compressor and Parts warranty, include; The EcoStar WD-300F, having a capacity of 16 litres and a market price of Rs. 11,900. Whereas, the EcoStar JW JL500F water dispenser has a capacity of 16 Litres and is available at a price of Rs.14,900.

EchoStar is a global brand of electronics that reflects technological excellence. In Pakistan, DWP Group is the official distributor of Ecostar that ensures nationwide availability of its products, along with prompt after-sales support, through an extensive network of outlets.

DWP Group is a leading provider of consumer electronics and technology products, enriched with unmatched services and solutions. It has accumulated great expertise in marketing globally-acclaimed, highly reliable products with cutting-edge technologies created by the world’s best companies and experts.

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