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Ethernet Alliance is a consortium of at the global scale comprised of vendors, technology industry experts, Universities and government officials. The Ethernet Alliance is dedicated to realizing a wide spread expansion and bright future of Ethernet technology across the globe. Overall, it is a global form of most reputable technology names and high-status technology manufacturers as well. Recently the Ethernet Alliance has selected Huawei to chair its board of Directors. It is the confidence Huawei has built at the international level that it is honored with a position.

Mr. John D’Ambrosia, a senior principal engineer at Huawei, will play the role for the said position. Moreover, it is important to note that, 10 years ago, Mr. John D’Ambrosia was one of the co-founders of the Ethernet Alliance to protect and spread awareness of the Ethernet technology. Mr. John not only will be chairing the board of directors of the consortium but also heading the marketing for the period until a suitable replacement is available.

Huawei has been progressively building its reputation as a leading global technology manufacturer and solutions provider. Only in the past one year, Huawei has witnessed tremendous growth in terms of global revenue generation, smart phone shipments, brand awareness and in respect of its irresistibly deep reaches in the consumer markets in different regions of the world. Especially in Pakistan market, Huawei is the most celebrated and reputable technology name.

Mr. Shawn –MD Huawei Devices in Pakistan, said, “It is an honor for Huawei to have an opportunity to the chair the Ethernet Alliance, while there were other big names as well that could be considered. Certainly, it is the confidence we have successfully managed to give the world in Huawei as a leading technology master. We are determined to serve our customers and the technology world with the best of our innovations and capabilities and subsequently contribute towards the modernization of technology world. We also congratulate Mr. John D’Amberosia for being elected as a chairman, Board of Directors Ethernet Alliance.”

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