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It’s time for fund raising people! From the 21st to the 31st July twitch streams have started a fund rising program for the kids in need with a non-profit organization SAVE THE CHILDERN! TWITCH CREATIVE which is a portal for the creative artists has provoked the broadcasters to take part in the #createforkids charity program. The people symphetatic towards the program are requested to sign up for campaign page where the views and donations of the people will be collected and as well as settle digital awards for the donors.
“Artists can ask for donations and auction off pieces to raise money.”
In the year 2015, the streamers were able to collect for about $17.4 million for charity. All money that #CreateForKids raised were given for the children rights, their teaching, to make them learn and acquire how to read and write, and also to provide aid for the kids that are the neediest! So let’s join hands and support them for a better good.

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