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It’s not always about introducing new services or product to the local public from the ride-sharing companies, rather this time it far beyond the minds what the GRAB, the company opposing uber in south Asia, is planning to do so!
The Singapore firm issued today that it undertakes the scenarios to allow the customers to hire services accepting this app and in-app payment system. ‘Grab Pay,’ its cash-less digital wallet service, it was first revealed before this year.
“Grab will integrate the payments platform into the Grab app as a mobile wallet option within Grab Pay, enabling any mobile user to use the Grab app to pay for not only their daily transport needs, but also other lifestyle services,” the company explained.
Grab is annually aiming at the countries like Indonesia, Southeast Asia’s; with consist of the largest population of the world for about 250 million people, with the target in mind to provide the “payment services platform”. It has started up its sole partnership with the LIPPO firm organization, which is a billion dollar Indonesian firm, and also a GRAB and tech investor, will be the initial retail partner enabling the customers for its business.
Ride-sharing to payment may be a inquisitive unfolding but it is entirely local in the initial developing firms where there is no prominent payment not only helps to strengthen the bounds with the existing customers but also helps to widen up the GRAB business to more people. Getting Lippo embarked is a big hike for Grab, but it is by no means play, bent and trial.
“The potential of developing a mobile payments platform in Southeast Asia is limitless,” Grab CEO Anthony Tan said in a statement. “The majority in Southeast Asia are unbanked but are armed with mobile phones. We need to find a cashless solution that helps them manage their money and mobile wallets is one way forward.”
“We will work with local partners to make cashless transactions a reality for the majority in Southeast Asia,” the company said in a statement. ■

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