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Similar to the previous model of Honor series Huawei Honor 5X is also built with great features and interesting specs generally. Global technology master, Huawei has a tradition to improve its products consistently keeping user experience feedback and requirement as a top priority while designing new models of smart phones. Research and Development teams at Huawei have worked out some most spectacular products for the Huawei consumer pool all around the globe. Honestly speaking this is the profound reason why Huawei Honor 5X consumer pool is enlarging with an accelerated pace. Especially in Pakistan Huawei remained successful in building a relationship of trust with a reliable brand.

Huawei’s Honor 5X has best front-rear camera combination that is strongly expected to be the focus for the youth due to the picture quality they want. Huawei has incorporated Honor 5X with the 5MP front camera for the best selfie experience and to make it even vital f/2.4 aperture is combined with 22mm lens. One can say it’s just a perfect front cam for a perfect selfie with even clearer and brighter results.

Moreover, Honor 5X has 13MP strong rear camera with f/2.0 aperture and 28mm wide angle lens, which covers larger area for image and make it perfectly vivid and above all make photography a fun. This is the best camera combination in Honor 5X that actually substitutes the tradition manual as well as digital cameras. Why someone bothers to carry a camera with, when one has Honor 5X with best camera results and high resolutions.

Huawei has strongly ruled the last year, 2015, with the influx of high efficiency, high technology smart phones in the Pakistani market. And those smart devices also reaped unmatched applause and accolades. For example, Mate S of Huawei is still ruling the market and proved to be the best in quality, technology experience and of course highly affordable in price as compared to the other brands so-called best devices. Accordingly, it is expected that in 2016 as well Huawei will rule the market and market analysts are looking for the promised launches of Huawei’s incredible high technology smart phones. Among these Honor, 5X is the most awaited one due to camera specs and the expected best price.

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