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Huawei has announced a remarkable initiative where it is going to offer a kind of Phone Postal Repair Service for its brand lovers. The customers can hand over their smart phones to avail the Huawei Phone Postal Repair Service,at their door steps . Whenever a Huawei device needs any warranty services or repair, Huawei customers can simply call the Huawei-Care team by dialing 0800-00016.The company will collect the cellular device (Free-of-Cost) from the caller’s home or office through courier for the service. The device will then be serviced or repaired and delivered back at the customer’s doorstep, within the stipulated time without any charges.

As the service will be provided against the warranty devices, hence, Huawei has revealed that no service fee will be charged against the facility. Huawei promises to deliver complete service, repair, maintenance and genuine parts replacement for Huawei products and devices, under the expert supervision of qualified and experienced engineers.

Huawei Pakistan’s Deputy General Manager – Mr. Fraz Malik  Khan stated that: “Huawei has a history to bring innovations not only in the manufacturing of high technology of products, but also in the provision of quality services to the loyal customers. This is another step towards theHuawei’s goal to be a Brand of reliability and consumers’ trust. This pioneering service fromHuawei Phone Postal Repair Service will revolutionize the service-experience for the customers.”

Huawei considers After-Sales service as a key differentiator for its diverse range of devices, as itensures that your device continues to give peak performance through timely maintenance andservicing. Huawei’s consumer-focused approach inspires excellence and strengthens the brandimage.Besides continuous expansions in its service network, Huawei is also making such enrichmentsin its sales and services, to deliver higher quality of services. Huawei’s servicecenters have sophisticated equipment, to ensure flawless service and maintenance of thedevices, while the brand enjoys the complete confidence of its customers.

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