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Huawei luxurious smart watch Wins International Accolades

Huawei’s recently launched luxurious smart watch has set new levels of elegance in the Android smart watch world.  This watch does not only possess high tech features, its hardware is also utterly exceptional. With the wide range of casings available with the watch and the changeable straps, Huawei smart watch is the perfect fit for exercise hours and also high profile meetings. This smart watch has recently won Sweden’s esteemed award, Good Media Award,  bestowed by Swedish top ranking blog, This smart watch, since its revelation at IFA, has captured remarkable accolades and countless positive reviews from tech geniuses all over the world.

Huawei smart watch, although a bit high on the price, offers a diversified range of exciting and functional features. The staff at Huawei, while manufacturing this luxurious watch, has aimed at delivering top quality features wrapped in the superbly lustrous metal body. This watch runs on Android OS, which is compatible with both Android OS and iOS. The screen of this watch is the premium character of it, which instantly captures the eye. It has been secured by Sapphire crystals making it resistant to scratches and the HD AMOLED, 1.4-inch screen, delivers bright and vibrant display, even in striking day light. This is the only Android watch manufactured till date, to possess 400X400 with 286 ppi, which enables this watch to deliver clear and vivid display, which spreads across the face of the watch.

During strenuous exercising hours, the Huawei smart watch will keep a  track of a user’s activities. Huawei smart watch’s High accuracy motion sensors efficiently mark the figures while running, walking or climbing, etc. This watch exudes a superior feel making it ultra smart and extraordinarily attractive. After a few minutes of inactivity, the screen of the watch dims slightly, though the icons on the watch’s screen are still visible. This means the users can still read the time without having to turn it on or gazing closely. The interface of this watch is also very convenient to use, checking notifications, moving between apps etc can be easily done with a single swipe of a finger.

In a nutshell, for those tech fanatics who are looking to buy their next luxurious tech watch, Huawei’s smart watch is highly recommended to them. The abundant amazing features available in such a fascinating body, make Huawei watch unbeatable and also an alarm bell for the competitors.

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