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Huawei has an Operating System Solution for IoT Technology

Huawei, a global technology master, is advancing at an accelerated pace for the incorporation of the best technological solution in daily life. Research and Development units of Huawei have been producing astonishing solutions and high technology products with near to perfect result orientation. Recently Huawei has introduced it Hi-Link protocol that has changed the view of Internet of Things technology and its potential integration into daily life.

Huawei’s idea of unified language for all the gadgets will surely revolutionize the Internet of Things technology by sweeping aside the basic hurdle of the machine to machine communication and operational application. Taking a step ahead Huawei has also announced an operating system for “internet of things”. The operating system announced by Huawei is named by the company as Lite Operating System.

It is evident that on the part of Huawei there has been a lot of work done to realize the whole revolutionized world of technology where machine-to-machine communication will be exquisitely coherent and universal. But it is not the ultimate job that has done by Huawei to complete this alluring idea. In fact, it is Huawei now standing in a position where other technology manufacturers have to extend their support to complete the picture. Unified language is provided, the operating system is introduced and now it is the time for technology manufacturers to found consensus on this idea and extend this initiative into reality which otherwise has no use.

It is expected that technology manufacturers will come with a concrete respond to the Hi-Link and Lite OS of Huawei in joining Huawei for this IoT dream or work out an even better solution.

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