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This Saturday “My Huawei My Pakistan” campaign resumes from Lahore to Karachi with an exciting twist

Huawei Mate S and Moin Khan have been traveling across Pakistan; in order to seize the eternal beauty of the country through the exceptional camera lens of Mate S. “My Huawei My Pakistan” is a travel campaign which has been initiated by the market leading brand Huawei and the passionate traveler, Moin Khan. Their journey began from Khunjerab pass (China Border) and after completing their travel campaign of 100 days Moin Khan and his Mate will reach their final station which would be Karachi.

From Saturday this journey will be resumed from the city of also known as “heart of Pakistan”, Lahore for the final destination Karachi.  Moin Khan is indeed an inspiration to many, who want to follow their hearts and make a difference on a larger scale by projecting a positive image of Pakistan on the international platform. Moin Khan while traveling through the alluring ways and eye-catching scenery of Pakistan has been sharing his exclusive experiences with the guests and his energetic young fans.

In this phase of the campaign, Moin Khan and its Huawei Mate S will be joined by a radio channel, as a media partner, for the live broadcast of this inspirational and adventurous travel of Moin Khan. Moreover, with the collaboration of FM 98 Huawei is going to provide the followers with the opportunity to win exciting prizes. FM 98 will conduct a contest in which simple questions will be asked by the listeners and winners will get a package of Movie tickets. Each package will contain four tickets, so the winner can enjoy his favorite movie with friends or family. And that is not all, but the participants of the contest can win Huawei Mate S in the last stage of the “My Huawei My Pakistan” campaign through this contest.

Huawei has also revealed that the answers of the contest are already available on the social media accounts of Huawei Pakistan. Now it’s a game where the participants knowing more about the “My Huawei My Pakistan” has maximum chance to win his prize. This incredible journey of Moin Khan added with a lot of flavors and it will be loved by the followers and fans of Moin Khan as well as of Huawei Mate S.

Huawei has played a significantly positive and strong role in making the world know that Pakistan is the most peace loving and heartwarming country. Moin Khan has made this stop in Lahore while on his way to explore many more cities and experience the cultural and traditional beauty there. He will be reaching his final destination at the end of this campaign.

This first of its kind travel campaign has been started with the aim of projecting Pakistan, as an enchanting and mesmerizing state. Moin Khan, who is an avid traveler, has embarked upon this journey with Huawei’s latest flagship smart phone Mate S. Using the extraordinary camera of Mate S, Moin Khan would be capturing sensational pictures and would also be making breathtaking videos of the exciting places, sceneries in different cities of Pakistan.

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