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Recently, Huawei has planned to advance the technological communications to the whole new level. As the company is already known for its “Make It Possible” slogan, Huawei has been trying to bring the invention in the near future where the children will be able to communicate with the deceased parents (Grandparent). This would be most probably materialized using the platform of Skype.

Leading Technology champion, Huawei, has already imprinted impression of best technology solution provider across the world. Recently, a telecommunication service provider company has achieved 20% boost in the internet speed by deploying the Lean GSM solutions by Huawei. Lean GSM utilized by the service provider offered 85% less congestion and boosted internet speed by 20% that has further valued by the company as the new equipment reported to be more environment-friendly and consumes 30% less power.

Only in the previous year, Huawei Technologies successfully earned good reputation for record growth pace across the markets. Huawei is the world 3rd largest vendor after Samsung and Apple. Moreover, Huawei is growing incredibly in the smart phones technology sectors. Last year it has recorded a 44% rise in the business and for this year as well, Huawei has begun with all new Huawei Mate 8 launch. Especially in Pakistan, Huawei is reputed to revolutionize the smart technology and providing a wide range of products to the customers.

Similarly for the telecom service providers in Pakistan Huawei is an opportunity to modernize their equipment and thus reduce power consumption, enhance service quality and above all achieve the best customer satisfaction level.  No doubt, this will definitely offer customer trust and loyalty in turn to the service providers. And this entire track is self evidence that Huawei has a strong potential to realize its goals and targets in near future.

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