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Junior Leader’s Conference 2016 Promises valuable knowledge & skills for children aged 10 to 15 years

By July 12, 2016No Comments

Excitement is in the air, as the GLUCO KI JLC team is hard at work, preparing for the 8th annual episode of the Junior Leaders Conference. The team is led by Anmol Zehra, the JLC Champ for this year, and mentored by Kamran Rizvi, Umair Jaliawala and Waqar Ali.

GLUCO KI Junior Leaders Conference (JLC) is a game changer. It aspires to steer the energy of kids towards bringing positive change within themselves and the society. This thought-provoking and exciting 3-day leadership training program – GLUCO KI JLC is specifically designed for kids between the ages of 10-15 years, to develop their leadership skills. The conference aims to tap into the latent potential of its participants, enhance their creativity and enrich their relationships with family and society. It endows participants with a realization of their “amour proper”, laying the foundation for their own values and belief system for life & helping them cope with the stresses of peer and societal pressures, in order to make constructive decisions.

The theme for this year’s GLUCO KI JLC is ‘I AM ALIVE’. The theme signifies the fact that each day of our lives is precious, and we must make the most of it while we can. GLUCO KI JLC is celebrating its 8th year, and its 3rd year in partnership with GLUCO. It is the perfect platform for kids to come together and discover their latent potential, giving them a taste of responsibility and ownership, and enabling them to return to their lives and initiate practical change from a very young age.

The impressionable kids, who become a part of GLUCO KI JLC, are at a crucial stage in their lives, and the program is designed specifically to provide a combination of great fun with valuable knowledge and critical learning. GLUCO KI JLC ensures that the sessions are made insightful, while incorporating a wide range of enlightening segments, including activities for experiential learning, panel discussions, interactive speaker sessions and much more. This year, the program also has a special segment, devoted entirely to parents and improving parental methodologies.

Other cause partners in this endeavor include a number of prestigious organizations like; TCS, Friedrich Naumann Foundation, Dalda, ACM Gold, Habitt, Glitz Productions, UHU and Shamrock Communications. Media partners of this grand event include the Jang Media Group and Suno Pakistan FM 89.4.

During the conference, the participants will interact with one another and learn to build productive social networks, under the able guidance of leading personalities from the fields of education, politics, corporate operations and training. More than fifty experts, renowned speakers and specialists from all

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