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A significant artery in Lahore was filled with chaos on Wednesday afternoon as groups of lawyers clashed with police during protests outside the(LHC)Lahore High Court .

Video clips broadcasted on local media depicted a large number of lawyers demonstrating at Lahore’s prominent GPO Chowk while police attempted to disperse them using baton charges. Several lawyers were reportedly arrested amidst the commotion.

Substantial contingents of Lahore police were deployed and employed tear gas and baton charges to quell the protesting lawyers from the Punjab Bar Council, Lahore Bar Association (LBA), and other affiliated groups.

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In the course of the confrontation, some lawyers sustained injuries while traffic within the metropolis faced significant disruptions. The clashes erupted subsequent to the lawyers’ decision to initiate a protest rally. This agitation is part of a wider strike and protest against the decision to relocate Lahore’s civil courts and the registration of terrorism-related cases against lawyers.

The lawyers’ groups are also demanding that the Chief Justice of the Lahore High Court overturn the decision to relocate the courts. Some protesters carried placards with slogans denouncing ‘Judicial dictatorship.’

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