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Those who have done engineering know how much troublesome it is to learn programming.While for some it is a piece of cake.Luckily google is coming up with a project for us to start learning programming basics at a lower level,so that when we reach college we a know a bit of what programming actually is.What it actually wants is to create a base platform with most of the technology and coding..The project is called ‘PROJECT BLOKS’.Which is going to help kids learn programming in a fun and intuitive way. Project bloks is a system designed with toy blocks which the kids can connect together to control other toys.These “toys” are actually helping them learn the fundamentals of coding.Teaching kids coding basics at this level will help them in the future while they have fun at the same,enhancing their creativity and thinking skills. Google believes that by launching this project ,the toy makers will have an easier time making kids toys,with the idea already in mind and coding products for the market.

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