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NADRA announces an SMS service which permits any CNIC holder to check his family member’s confirmation through a simple text message. If you want to get informed your family tree registered with NADRA, simply send an SMS to 8008 with your CNIC number, and you will quickly receive a reply having all the registered names of your family.

If you know all the persons in the delivered list, then reply with “2.” However, if you see any name you don’t know, then reply back NADRA with “1′. This will make NADRA informed as well.

The SMS facility is presented by NADRA to check any illegal registrations in the country. Any such person whom you don’t know in the list should be conveyed quickly to the relevant authorities to take action against them.

Also, the facility automatically sends the list of registered family names to the family heads. Anyone can simply check their family tree using this facility. The re-verification drive starts from 1st of July.

The interior minister, Chaudary Nisar Ali Khan, legitimately put into action the plan for re-verification of CNICs. This is an important step to eliminate terrorism from Pakistan and for this persistence, NADRA has also established a helpline and an SMS doorway to get calls and SMS from the citizens for any doubtful report.

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