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Internet-connected washing machines, light bulbs, and devices of all kinds – the smart home trend swept the tech world in 2015. And with a range of new smart devices again on show at global consumer electronics show CES last week, it appears this trend is here to stay.

So what’s in store for the connected household for the New Year? Pakistan’s best real estate website takes a look at five new gadgets that are set to change the way we live in 2016.

The connected refrigerator

Samsung’s Family Hub Refrigerator was one of the highlights of CES 2016. With its huge built-in touchscreen, this smart fridge acts as a command center for the whole family. You can update the family calendar and leaves notes for each other, all while keeping track of what groceries you need and which products are about to expire. Plus, cameras inside the fridge take high-quality photos every time the doors close, which you can access on the go – so you can check what you have at home while out shopping for groceries.

The smart vase

Wulian’s Dream Flower smart vase is not just for decoration – it also doubles as a multifunctional environment detector. The device can monitor your home’s temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide concentration, PM 2.5 levels and even noise. The device can be connected to multiple devices, including your smartphone and air conditioners. It can also be used as an LED light and wireless router.

The futuristic locking system

Now unlocking your devices could be as easy as looking in a mirror. EyeLock has launched its first iris module for PC products. This will bring the company’s iris-based user authentication to the PC, meaning you could soon unlock a range of applications with just a glance. The company says the module will work from up to 60cm away. As EyeLock’s tagline goes, only your DNA could be more secure.

The smart home hub

Billed as a gateway for connected appliances, LG’s Smart ThinQ Hub will monitor and connect a range of devices within your home. Data collected from devices, from your washing machine to air conditioners, is displayed on the LCD screen or broadcast through the device’s speakers. The hub can also display calendar reminders and stream music.

The voice-driven smoke detector

Halo is a state-of-the-art device that combines both a smoke detector and a carbon monoxide alarm in one. Voice alerts will instantly notify you when the device detects a problem. At the same time, the device lights up in different colors to warn about any danger and also sends an alert to your smartphone. Plus, a built-in weather radio keeps you up-to-date about any major threats such as a hurricane in the area.

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