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FoodPanda is the global online food delivery marketplace which enables you to

order your favorite food online from your home and get it deliver at your door

step. FoodPanda is the first online business creating the biggest value for money

by offering flat 20% discount on the entire menu and waving off delivery charges

from across 500 restaurants of Pakistan.

The idea of such a massive campaign is put forward by the incredible marketing

and research team of FoodPanda, which is constantly in an effort to create value

for customers and deliver according to their expectations.

Headquartered in Berlin, FoodPanda was established in 2012 and operating over

five continents in more than 500 cities around the world. It partners with over

38,000 restaurants around the world. Foodpanda offers you the convenience of

choosing online from a wide range of menu from different restaurants, and you

can easily order it any time simply from your mobile or the laptop.

According to the marketing manager FoodPanda, Omair Baksh, the company

carried out extensive research on the customers’ expectations, preferences, and

also the growth trends of industry and came to the conclusion that the food

industry needs more growth. By offering 20% discount and free delivery for this

month, we expect a massive increase in the growth.

The campaign starts from 11th July 2016 and continues until the end of this

month. So, what are you waiting for? Just grab your mobile phones or laptops

and simply order your favorite food at a cheaper rate rather than dining out at

the restaurant.

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