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Pakistani shoppers to enjoy Visa’s ‘Impossible Deals’promotion at DSF 2016      

As the official payment partner of Dubai Shopping Festival (“DSF”), Visa offers discounts up to 80% on limited number of deals on luxury goods and services to shoppers visiting from Pakistan

·         Promotion reaffirms Visa’s 21-year relationship with DSF and commitment to cardholders in the GCC and around the world

Visa Inc. (NYSE:V), a global payments technology company, and official payments partner of the 21st Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) 2016, has launched the ‘Impossible Deals’ campaign that will offer Visa cardholders from Pakistan visiting Dubai during DSF with a number of impossible deals, representing discounts of up to 80% off on a range of electronics, travel, entertainment, luxury goods and even cars.

The campaign will run through the DSF month from 1st January 2016 to 1st February 2016 during which one impossible deal will be unveiled every day.After they have enrolled in the promotion, Visa cardholders will receive daily mobile/email alerts about the impossible deals which they can use while in Dubai.

As there are limited numbers of these impossible deals, customers will need to try to respond to these notifications as soon as possible to “win” the chance of buying these exciting items at almost throwaway prices. The ‘Impossible Deals’ will be available to participants on a first-come-first-served basis.

Speaking at the launch of the promotion, Karim Beg, Head of Marketing at Visa Inc. MENA, said: “Visa returns to partner with DSF for yet another season of fun, shopping and unbelievable deals. Visa has been DSF’s official payments partner since the shopping festival’s inception in 1996. We are delighted to continue our relationship with what has evolved to become a powerful brand locally and globally – with a thrilling new concept to reward Visa cardholders from Pakistan who will be traveling to Dubai for DSF.”  

“Given that consumers are always looking for the best deals, Visa and DSF have come together to create just that – impossible deals on a range of high-end products, including luxury cars, fashion brands, gadgets, hotel stays, and entertainment. The idea is to make DSF a special occasion for everyone and give visiting participants from Pakistan a chance to own something they aspired to have at a fraction of the cost.”

“Visa has been working in line with the vision of DSF to raise the profile of Dubai as a favored international shopping destination and has conceptualized this exciting campaign to celebrate 21 years of partnership with DSF. The promotion this year targets Visa cardholders 21 years and older and across all backgrounds, looking for exciting deals during Dubai’s busiest shopping period,” added Beg.

Visa is uniquely positioned to educate shoppers about the convenience and security of electronic payments, while simultaneously rewarding them with value-added prizes.

In addition to the rewards and prizes, and in line with its effort to enhance the electronic payments ecosystem in the UAE, Visa offers DSF shoppers technological innovations such as Visa payWave that enables contactless transactions by simply waving a Visa card over a secure reader at any Visa payWave enabled merchant location in Dubai. Visa payWave is accepted across a range of retailers in the UAE including convenience stores, beauty and personal stores, quick service restaurants, cinemas, supermarkets and much more.

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