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Pakistan’s first E­court just got established.Its inauguration was held On Wednesday,by
Judge Sohail Nasir at Accountability Court Number 3 in Rawalpind,working under the
control of the Federal Government..The main purpose of this e­court is being able to
provide the people of Pakistan speedy and “inexpenisve” justice.It is going to hadle
special cases of people not just from within the country but also outside of the
country.Skype will be the medium through which statements will be recorded, making use
of online communication.This helping out the disabled or people who won’t be able to
come to the court due to some reasons or those witnesses to those illegal acts who are
too afraid to reveal their identity infront of the criminals.The set up of this E­court will
hold great importance in Pakistan’s history,and will promoting the ‘soft image’ of the


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