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Philips celebrates World Innovation and Technology Day

Philips recently organized an international press event to celebrate the World Innovation and Technology Day in Eindhoven, the Netherland which was attended by media persons from around the globe.

Special demonstrations on connected lighting, the Internet of Things (IoT) and human-centric lighting were created to allow visitors a glimpse into how lighting is turning Sci-fi into reality.

Philips is leading the revolution in lighting globally as the company progresses in its journey to maintain its success and growth along with a strong ecosystem of partners. The event featured extraordinary displays and new products which will transform how we use lighting and its role in the quality of life an age where IoT has changed the way we consume data.

With a global focus on sustainable development and better use of resources, communities throughout the world are now undergoing a shift in trends dictated by the need for greater, more efficient and digitally connected lighting. Philips understands how to address this scenario through innovative and locally relevant lighting solutions that enhance the consumer experience and enable the creation of smart cities, sustainable offices and connected home lighting systems.

The integration of IoT with lighting systems in homes, offices, and cities allows seamless integration of real-time and sensor data as well as easier data sharing. This realizes the possibility of better planned, energy efficient, digitally enabled and secure spaces simply through lighting with systems such as Philips Hue, Philips City Touch, Philips Smartpole and Power over Ethernet (PoE) connected lighting. Philips also shared its development in human-centric lighting technology which can positively impact moods, productivity and comfort levels.

Eric Rondolat, CEO, Philips Lighting and other prominent company executives addressed reporters to discuss how the company is making use of its expertise of over 100 years to lead consumers into the future of lighting technology which will take light beyond illumination.

Philips Pakistan’s CEO, Asad Said Jafar said while expressing his views on Philips’ rapid advancement in lighting technology, “Philips has completely changed the way lighting solutions are used by taking the next step in understanding what modern lighting can do for us. Our aim is to continue to bring the revolution in lighting technology which Philips is leading globally to Pakistan and also address the need for energy efficiency in the country through our products and solutions.

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