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Philips Lighting Pakistan recently showcased a diverse range of its innovative lighting solutions at the IAP Building Materials Exhibition and Conference 2016. Philips Lighting is taking light beyond illumination with its superior technology that unlocks new value for customers and enables them to create new experiences from smart and energy-efficient light.

Architects, builders, industry experts and home owners were attracted to the Philips Pakistan booth which offered a glimpse into the extensive industry, office, decorative and home lighting portfolios that the company offers. Visitors were intrigued to learn about the state-of-the-art LED lighting solutions for offices and homes which enable users to minimize energy bills and environmental footprint at the same time.

The company aims to provide customers an integrated experience through the right lighting infrastructure and professional services that bring them high-quality light, energy savings as well as operational cost savings.  “As the world’s leading lighting company, our expertise lies in our understanding of how lighting can positively affect people and transform spaces while also driving energy and cost efficiencies. We find that the positive impact of our work is especially relevant for a country like Pakistan which faces a grave energy crisis and we continually work to bring the best solutions for our customers through advanced lighting systems and services, a mission that ties well with the AIPAC’s theme of ‘Responsible Architecture’ for this year,” said Asad S. Jafar, Chairman & CEO, Philips Lighting Pakistan.

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