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The Positive Effect of Historical Preservation on Infrastructure and Real Estate Development

Lamudi Attends Fundraising Event in Support of the Citizens Archive of Pakistan

On Sunday, March 6th, 2016, the Citizens Archive of Pakistan (CAP) held a fundraiser for the construction of Pakistan’s first Living History Museum. Lamudi Pakistan was there to support their effort.

Historical preservation and real estate development have been at odds with each other seemingly since the beginning of time. Today, however, the interests of the two fields are converging, especially in emerging markets like Pakistan.

According to Lamudi research, both foreign investors and Pakistanis are increasingly interested in sustainable communities and properties. This interest involves the preservation of historical institutions, which advances communities, boosts real estate values and enhances environmental conservation efforts.

According to Saad Arshed, Lamudi Pakistan’s Country Director, “Two major issues for real estate investors are profitability and security. Historical preservation helps to increase both. Therefore, as historical preservation efforts expand, demand for properties will increase. This is good for everyone involved–individuals, agents, and developers.”

Additionally, reports from around the world draw correlations between rising economic prosperity and the preservation of historical buildings, documents, and multimedia. As such, CAP is not alone.

Similar organizations, such as the New York City Landmark Preservation Commission and the US’s Advisory Council on Historic Preservation acknowledge the value of historical preservation for the advancement of local communities and economies.

However, in some parts of Pakistan, infrastructural advancements continue to be placed ahead of historical preservation. This is seemingly the case in the Orange Line Metro versus Nusrat Kahn’s studio. With the help of CAP, issues like these are starting to change.

By supporting the efforts of CAP, we strengthen our communities and increase the value of our real estate. Find out more about CAP through their website, or email them at

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