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Samsung Electronics’ New Smart Printing Apps Enhance Office Productivity and Cost Efficiency

Samsung’s new Android printing apps enable customized document workflows and remote printer troubleshooting

Samsung converges mobile technology and printing solutions for enhanced user experience

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., today announced two new printing apps, Dynamic Workflow and RemoteCall, designed to enhance productivity and save operational costs for end users and engineers.

Dynamic Workflow and RemoteCall are the newest app additions for the Smart UX Center, Samsung’s Android-based user interface for the Smart MultiXpress multifunction printers. These new tools save users time by running multiple document handling tasks in one step and connecting their printers to an engineer for remote service.

“Modern mobile technologies have much to offer in the business environment, and we’re creating a new printing ecosystem around this concept,” said David SW Song, Senior Vice President of Printing Solutions Business at Samsung Electronics. “The Smart UX Center and all of the apps that we develop for it will make the printer compatible with Android, offering users greater mobility and connectivity.”

Dynamic Workflow app enables users to create and customize their own workflow with multiple apps. For example, using this app, users can integrate multiple tasks such as scanning, optical character recognition, and document distribution into a single workflow, which can then be saved as a one-touch shortcut for future use.

RemoteCall is a paid app that remotely connects a user’s printer to an engineer’s service system for diagnosis and troubleshooting. With the remote connection, the engineer can control the user’s Smart UX Center screen and guide the user through the troubleshooting process. Engineers can also connect to the user’s PC for troubleshooting. Remote service saves time and cost for both end users and Samsung’s partners by minimizing service visits.

Key features of Dynamic Workflow and RemoteCall include:

Dynamic Workflow

  • App Combination: Integration of multiple app functions into a single workflow
  • Increased Productivity: Time-saving shortcuts boost office productivity


  • Screen Control: Real-time control and diagnosis via remote access
  • On-Screen Drawing: Marking important areas on customers’ screens for clearer communication
  • Text Chat: Communication with support representatives through mobile chat
  • Simple Connection: Simply enter 6-digit code provided by support representative for connection

Each month, Samsung releases new apps and widgets for the Smart UX Center. The Smart UX Center is one of Samsung’s Internet of Things projects, converging mobile technologies for an improved office experience. It completes the office printing ecosystem, allowing users to work seamlessly from one device to the next.

“We’re bringing the Smart UX Center experience to users’ mobile devices, to suit their BYOD work life in an increasingly mobile world,” Song said. “Printing doesn’t have to happen in the office anymore. It can happen anywhere you are.”

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