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The Code for Pakistan together with Islamabad Civic Innovation Lab (ICIL)

conducted the second Islamabad Civic Hackathon, which concluded on 17th July,

Sunday. The themes for this year’s event were health, education, social change,

sustainable city, and poverty and development. Participants from all over the

country attended the event with total enthusiasm and they were mentored by

the experts from the fields of business, technology, and entrepreneurship.

What Is The Civic Hackathon?

The Civic Hackathon is an annual two-day competition in which all the civic-

minded individuals like software developers, designers, students, and

entrepreneurs participate and they come forward with their ideas and solutions

to improve the public services of the country.

The event was sponsored by Telenor and Arbisoft. Other notable partners were

Google Developers Group, Teradata, Invest2Innovate, Microsoft, and the Nest


Winners of the Competition

The expert panel of judges included Ather Imran – CEO of Sybrid, Mansoor Malik

– Chairman of Kamyab Pakistan, Yusuf Hussain – CEO of DM Ventures, and

Shabana Atif Khan – CEO of LMKT. These judges concluded the following winners

of the hackathon:

 First prize was got by Dastaweezat, which is an app to simplify and streamline

the university application process. The team was rewarded with PKR 75,000.

 The second position was grabbed by Chote Ustad, an app which connects the

students with online tutors for easy and improved access to education. They

were rewarded PKR 50,000.

 Three teams got the third position. Bijli Pe Nazar, which is to collect data of

household electricity consumption; Shafaaf Voting, a digital voting process app;

and Baagh Baagh, a mobile app for gardening. All of them got a cash prize of

PKR 25,000 each.

 The last award was the Audience Favorite Award, which went to No Food

Wasted, an online website for tackling food waste by feeding the poor people.

The winning teams will also get assistance and guidance from Global Shapers,

The Nest I/O, and the Invest2Innovate. They will also get access to different tools

and services from the Microsoft and Google.

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