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Reports say that at a recent Investor meet, Sony Mobile company has confirmed that it
will focus less on markets like US,India,Brazil and China where their mobile sale
performance has always been poor.The company expects that there will be an approx
0.3% growth in their smartphone business in those regions,thus making a decision to
‘defocus’ over them.Instead focus in regions such as East Asia,Middle East and Europe
where they always got a positive response from the market.
At the meet,the company said it now has a regional strategy,meaning Sony will target
only regions which are expected to have improved CAGR (compound annual growth
rate) smartphone growth.
One of the slides reads: “Sony’s priority is to focus on markets where Sony can
leverage its strengths to ensure profitability improvements.”
And in another slide the company highlights,”Sony to maintain its core focus in the high
value­added segment and develop its business through product differentiation, since
players that can offer high value­added smartphones globally are limited.”
In simpler words,Sony will focus only on the high end segment of the market.

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