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Video banking is all set to be started by Standard Chartered Bank to its five million users customers in Africa,Asia and the Middle East.The bank is going to start by taking baby steps, first in Asia, then spreading across other regions.

Its plan is to provide video banking service to at least nine countries in Asia by the end of his year. The main aim behind starting this service is to provide ease to its customers.They will be able to take loans,open new accounts,arrange mortgage,get basic information just by sitting home,online,using their video channel.Thus them avoiding the hustle bustle they go through while at the bank. The service has already been set and running in Malaysia and Singapore,and soon enough will be active in seven other countries in Asia by the end of 2016.

“Video banking is about giving our clients more choice and more convenience.. Now you don’t have to come into a branch to talk to somebody face ­to ­face. We are investing in technology that makes banking secure, simple and personal for our clients.” -­Karen Fawcett, CEO.

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