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The (JS Banking) Jahangir Siddiqui& Co Limited, shortly abbreviated as, JS BANK COMPANY, who are one of the most illustrious financial builders in Pakistan, are now ready to plunge up an amount of 4 billion in the telecommunication, technology and the media sectors of Pakistan!

The investment was held up in a JS Infocom that mainly targeted on the business and the functions of the company in the three main sectors of Pakistan and overseas too completely.

Early it is reported to have the shareholders of the company is said that the plan for the plunging of money was long back down by JS Infocom Limited for the three sectors of telecommunication, technology, and media sectors.

The investment is a result of a various blend of ways that have been used up to create the huge beneficial revenues that have actually raised the company’s term finance certificates.

JS Infocom was integrated on August 25, 2003, as a public limited company under the Companies Ordinance 1984.

JS is a vast owned group in Pakistan under which comes the JS Bank, JS Investment, and Energy Infrastructure Holding (Private) Limited.

Making an investment in media services is a risk job folks! But the JS Company has already done it before too, let’s hope for the results to be brilliant this time too.

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