High Court of Islamabad has agreed with has been reported by mobile phone operators that complain that Telenor ’s recently used 850MHz — that it is using for 4G networks  iscreating difficulties for other networks.

Early Telenor was granted 2x10MHz block in 850MHz spectrum for $395 million earlier this month.

Zong’s spectrum is rendering place right next to Telenor’s latest used spectrum with a gap of just 3.5MHz.

Telenor’s spectrum line concludes at 879MHz while Zong’s uplink band initiates with 882.5Mhz, with just 3.5MHz.

ParvezIftikhar, a telecom consultant, told netmag that such receive filters will only be required:

  • On sites operating in 900MHz band owned by Telenor or other operators (Not all sites are in 900MHz, for all networks)
  • Even in 900 band, only those sites where operators are using them for 3G as 2G does not need such filters
  • Additionally, it will also depend on several other factors, like location of the site/s and which part of 900MHz band they have

“We would like to highlight that Telenor Pakistan is working closely with the Regulator and Frequency Allocation Board in order to ensure strict adherence to legal requirements and international best practices for the use of spectrum to serve our customers and fulfill our ambition of providing Internet for All and Empowering Pakistani Societies with Digital Technology”, Telenor added further.


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