“Government of Pakistan and Pakistan Software Export Board are aiming to cross $6 billion in IT exports by 2020”, said Anusha Rehman Khan, State Minister of IT and Telecom

“This Jazz National Incubation Center alone is going to harbor and prepare 40 startups every year”, said Anusha Rehman.Minister said that PSEB has already raised about 49% of th IT exports since 2013.Recently the levels of exports are at stand at $2.8 billion dollars, up from $1.4 billion dollars recorded in 2013.

Anusha said that at the start there were only 300 companies working together but now the number has increased up to 1100 within only 2 years’ time.She further added that the PSEB is searching for ways to help companies and entrepreneurs get themselves registered to the firm

“We want our students and youth to create job opportunities instead of searching for jobs”, commented the Minister.


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