For ages and ages artists have been forced to do paint their instincts onto a desk but now the last features like the VR headsets and software like Google’s Tilt Brush have enabled them to recreate their art in a 3D manner using adobe. But while it offer some great results to the user? Will it offer great mature finishing as the hands of the artist on desk? Will they be able to produce as effective and creative art using it as they did before?

Adobe to produce the software, describe it as the “world’s first real-time simulation-based 3D painting system with bristle-level interactions” — an app that allows artists to draw on 2D surfaces with virtual 3D paint.

This signals that the Project Wet brush’s paint has the same basic viscosity, smoothness. And creativity as the oil paint in reality!

The software has been produced in association with Nvidia and is officially powered by its top-end graphics cards..this may not be easy and flowly to be used by the beginners but for the artists in practice it should be a piece of cake! Withits brilliant new features like; color palettes, color mixing, blending, shading etc. we expect it to be on the hits one day!





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