Minister of State for Information Technology & Telecom Mrs. Anusha Rehman has said that MoIT’s project broadband for sustainable development will ensure connectivity to the unconnected people of Balochistan.

Mrs. Anusha Rehman further said that the Broadband for Sustainable Development projects will take state of the art 3G Mobile Broadband services to far-flung areas at a rapid pace and in almost parity with urban areas of the country. She said that these contracts are part of overall policy decision of Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif for providing maximum facilitation to remote areas of the country. She informed that a population of around 302,048 in Khuzdar and 147,057 in Chagai will benefit from these projects and around 116 new BTs towers will also be installed. She added that these projects will improve the lives of people, create job opportunities for them and particularly empower females. She also added that the initiatives like establishment of Telecentres will ensure ubiquitous development across the length and breadth of the county and trigger the socio-economic development of Pakistan.

It is pertinent to mention that USF has recently entered in contracts worth Rs. 3.72 Billion with Ufone to provide Mobile Broadband Internet 3G services in Khuzdar and Chagai including Mashkhel Tehsil.

Through these Broadband for Sustainable Development Projects, districts of Nal, Khuzdar, Aaranji, Wadh, Saroona, Mula, Ornach, Zaehri and Karkh in Khuzdar lot and districts of Dal Bandin, Taftan and Mashkhel in Chagai lot will be served.



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