In Sibi district, Balochistan, a tragic incident unfolded on Tuesday evening when a blast targeted a political rally organized by the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), resulting in at least four fatalities and numerous injuries, according to authorities.

Confirming the incident, Dr. Babar, the Medical Superintendent of District Headquarters Hospital, stated that four individuals lost their lives in the explosion, with five injured individuals receiving prompt medical treatment at Sibi hospital. The blast occurred as the PTI rally, belonging to the former ruling party, was passing through the main Jinnah Road in Sibi. Police sources attributed the incident to a bomb detonation, underscoring the vulnerability of political gatherings to security threats.

Abdullah Khan, Secretary of the Health Department in Balochistan, declared a state of emergency in all hospitals, including those in Sibi and Quetta, in response to the blast. Hospitals are on high alert, and medical personnel are tirelessly providing immediate care to the injured. The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) expressed concern over the explosion during a political rally in Sibi and urged an immediate report from the Chief Secretary and Inspector General (IG) of Balochistan to investigate the circumstances surrounding the attack.

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This tragic incident highlights the persistent security challenges faced by political parties and their supporters in the region as they engage in public activities ahead of elections.

The PTI strongly condemned the bomb blast, expressing deep sorrow and grief over the tragic martyrdom of party workers. The party denounced the attack on the peaceful election rally and attributed it as a failure of the caretaker provincial and federal governments. The PTI spokesperson criticized institutions responsible for public order, accusing them of engaging in political engineering through lawlessness. The party called for a comprehensive investigation into the incident and emphasized the need to hold the caretaker governments accountable for alleged criminal negligence.

Despite the recent terrorist attack, Jan Achakzai, the Caretaker Information Minister of Balochistan, declared that the upcoming elections will proceed as planned. He acknowledged the intent of terrorists to disrupt the election process but expressed confidence in the resilience of the people of Balochistan. Achakzai affirmed that, regardless of terrorist actions, the government would remain committed to ensuring a secure and fair electoral environment. He offered condolences to the affected families and assured them of the government’s steadfast commitment to their well-being.


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