Looks like Facebook does not like Pakistanis either, it has decided to take up steps against the Pakistani pages on this social network. It wishes to delete up all those pages from Facebook. It has also been reported from various Facebook admins that they weren’t able to find up their pages on Facebook.

Millions and dozens of pages now lack copyright edition of them.

One of the reasons behind the cause of this action is suspected to be the Kashmir dispute.

Facebook was never pleased with the pictures that were being shared all over of the Kashmir victims. And also wasn’t India, and it has being claimed that India recently requested Facebook to take action against this.

Support for Kashmir could be a reason for removal of Pakistani Facebeook pages

But there are other people who claim that Facebook has become active to take steps and note the action against the violent copyrights.

Early before Facebook has handle this violent copyright issue with an easy hand but now it seems to be totally opposite of the previous acts.

That is why it has deleted up several Pakistani pages, and the admins of those pages has reported for their pages not being found.

This issue has reported that many of the fac4ebook admins used to copy up post and information from different pages and posts.

However now the issue is undercover because most of the pages against thisviolence act have been discarded totally.

However not every other admin was committing the same violence act but the punishment of this act is shifted on the heads of all.


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