The Lahore police took decisive action on Friday by filing a First Information Report (FIR) against numerous individuals involved in the harassment of a woman who was wearing a shirt with Arabic-script print a few days prior at Ichhra Bazaar.

The perpetrators wrongly accused the woman of “blasphemy,” mistaking the Arabic alphabet and words on her shirt for Quranic verses, thus putting her life in jeopardy.

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The prompt intervention of the police, particularly the courageous efforts of Gulberg Circle ASP Syeda Sheharbano Naqvi, garnered praise both within and outside Pakistan. Naqvi’s actions, as captured in video clips, showed her confronting the mob and successfully rescuing the woman.

According to an official source, the police leadership faced significant pressure not to file an FIR against the suspects and to avoid potential confrontations with certain religious groups known for their history of violent protests. However, some senior government officials believed that failing to hold the culprits accountable would not only reflect poorly on law enforcement but also empower extremists to commit similar acts in the future.


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