Diehard fans of Firefox Mozilla’s desktop browser now have a new mobile version for their iPhone or iPad

It’s time to search down through your Firefox Apple users cause Mozilla is here with some brilliant searches!

It is a newly released version, that got out on Tuesday, that has a processor usage of 40% and a 30% of the memory usage

This has resulted in a more efficient, quick, and more instant mobile application browser that can also help you to run down your phone the whole time without draining out its battery!

So far, Firefox is not used to that extend on the mobile application, but we guess now it’s a new start to begin for it!

Other new features in the Firefox update:

  • The ability to add custom search engines such as Craigslist, Wikipedia, and eBay for quick access to options beyond the standard choices like Bing, Yahoo, and Google that ship with the browser.
  • The ability to reopen closed tabs.
  • A new method for navigating through open tabs that are designed to be easier.
  • A new menu designed to speed access to frequently used actions.
  • A home button to quickly get to a home page.





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