Fly Jinnah, having commenced its flight operations in November 2022, has swiftly emerged as a prominent player in Pakistan’s aviation sector. In a recent milestone, the airline has been granted clearance by Pakistan’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to conduct CAT III approaches, arrivals, and departures. This certification, unique to Fly Jinnah among domestic carriers, enables it to operate seamlessly in conditions of extremely low visibility.

The low-cost carrier stands as the sole domestic airline in Pakistan with CAT III certification for its entire fleet and all of its pilots. This achievement is expected to enhance the airline’s ability to navigate and function efficiently, particularly during foggy weather conditions between major cities in the country.

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The significance of Category 3 (CAT III) in the Instrument Landing System (ILS) lies in its capability to facilitate landing operations in conditions of limited visibility. This development underscores Fly Jinnah’s commitment to ensuring safe and reliable air travel, especially during adverse weather.

In a noteworthy move last year, the federal cabinet approved Fly Jinnah for international operations based on the Aviation Ministry’s recommendation. The airline’s international destinations will span Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Iraq, Malaysia, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Turkey, and the UAE.

Moreover, Fly Jinnah secured the top position in the CAA’s domestic flight punctuality rankings a few months ago. The airline distinguished itself with an impressive on-time departure rate of 87.93%, surpassing competitors such as Air Sial at 86.89%, Air Blue at 78.36%, and Serene Airlines at 62%. This recognition further solidifies Fly Jinnah’s standing as a reliable and efficient airline in the Pakistani aviation landscape.


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