Future iPads to sport 15 inch OLED displays?

Future iPads to sport 15 inch OLED displays?

Very popular display maker in BOE has taken upon themselves to convert one of their very own productions sites based in China to aid the manufacture of larger OLED displays for the sake of next generation smartphones as well as some other devices. And now, a new report has actually gone on to indicate that the new site will also end up applying to future iPads as well.

In accordance with what the latest round of reports suggest, the display manufacturer has actually successfully converted the facility so as to meet the requirements of making larger OLED panels for a large variety of different electronic products. However, the primary client that they have is indeed Apple. For those of you who are unaware then, BOE finds itself currently in the position of supplying the iPhone 13 series OLED displays. In other words then it comes as no surprise at all that both the companies are then looking towards the prospect of expanding their partnership to include other products from Apple as well.

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This new facility will then supply the smartphone brand with much larger OLEDs – which is to apparently reach 15 inches in size for what is of course said to be the next generation of iPads. It was also rumored previously that the iPhone maker is planning towards the prospect of launching iPads with larger display in the future – so all the recent speculation is indeed in line with all the previous reports which happened to have suggested this. Moreover, the new factory will also be able to manufacture OLED displays with two layers of red, green and blue emission too – which would then end up enabling the future iPads to offer brightness from their screens.

Unfortunately enough though, for now, it isn’t quite clear as to whether BOE will be able to manufacture the said panels at a commercial level – courtesy of the fact that the level of complexity involved in this display technology is indeed huge.


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