Google’s AR headset reportedly under the works

Google AR headset
Product photography of the Google Glass wearable.

Tech giant Google, in accordance with what the latest reports suggest, is actually working on an Augmented Reality(AR) headset which happens to be have been codenamed as Project Iris. The device makes use of outward-facing cameras in order to record real world and then adds computer graphics on top of it all – hence creating an immersive, mixed reality experience.

This information has made its way courtesy of a couple of sources which happen to be familiar with the project – who had actually requested anonymity to speak without there being any permission given from the company itself. These sources have revealed then that the early prototypes are subject to being built at a facility in the San Francisco Bay area and look like ski goggles. The device has the capabilities to work without there being the need for any sort of wired connection to an external power source, and happens to be powered by a custom processor which happens to belong to Google – much like how the case is with the Google Pixel 6 series.

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As is then expected, the headset will in fact be making use of Android, however, the more recent job listings actually go on to suggest that Google happens to be working on a new OS for an ‘innovative AR device, this referring then to the fact that the search engine giant may soon end up getting yet another OS to its name after it already has Android, Chrome and also Fuchsia.

Courtesy of the power constraints that come into play, Google’s strategy is to utilize its data centers for the sake of rendering some graphics in a remote fashion and then beaming them to the headset over the internet. The sources have also in fact revealed that the Pixel team is actually involved as well in Project Iris, however, for now, it’s way early to say whether or not the headset will be Pixel branded or not.


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