Google Fiber, back in the 2010, became famous, since for the time that it was launched. The US specific service, that facilitates the people to get high speedy nets in cheap rates, was ranked better than others.

Google has been working since a long time with various communities for the purpose of building fiber optic infrastructures that will give up to 1000 Mbps of speed.

With the help of this we can watch up videos just by the streaming of a few seconds.

However, citywide fiber, have been discovered to be quiet expensive and low in quality and speed than expected.

“We hope this technology can one day help deliver more abundant internet access” – Eric Schmidt, CEO Alphabet

wireless technology from Kansas City, has also been tested by google.

It is recently reported that the fiber nets are only available in 6 cities for present right now.

Google expects that by shifting to that wireless functioning of this optic system the speed would tend to improve and the connections would also be enhanced by this.



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