It is recently reported that, Anusha Rehman Khan, state minister for IT and Telecom, claims that the government will be lending up strong and willing supports towards any of the candidate who claims that he or she wants to invest money in the e-commerce gateways for its development and betterment.

PSP licensing have been availed by the state bank, says anusha.

One of the statement that has been forward bythe ministry head states that all of the matter, that are related to the matter of the e-Commerce were already decided by the government and even the ways that they are going to be promoted. The meeting was also accompanied by the presence of Federal Secretary IT Mr. Rizwan Bashir and Member Telecom Mr. Mudassar Hussain.

The delegates were addressed by the Minister of IT as:

“Pakistan’s IT & Telecom Sector has lot of potential and now we have to explore the ways to reap this possible mutual dividend from the tech sectors in an optimal way. We believe in “Digital Pakistan” and cooperation & collaboration of private sector will help us to materialize this vision of “accelerated digitization”.

During this Anusha Rehman address the comity by saying that they have already joined up hands with the with Ministry of Commerce hat will take up step to commence up with the development and betterment of the e-commerce gateway framework, she further said that this will allow consumers and different companies to gain a lot of confidence in these sectors.

The Minister kept on saying that, they are maintain the agenda of ubiquitous development of ICT infrastructure all around the country of Pakistan that lend up special focus on the serving marginalized segment of the society.

The delegates were quite pleased to attend the session and were well aware of the future steps that were planned by the Ministry of Information Technology for the betterment of IT & Telecom sector.


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