Engro Corporation Limited and Inbox Business Technologies have signed up a contract together that will server for industrial software application development.

According to this, Inbox Business Technologies would start up to develop different applications for Engro’s Fertilizer, Dairy and Captive Power segments.

Khalid SirajSubhani said:

“Engro remains resolute in its commitment to develop the local industial sector by introducing technological platforms that can enhance our domain expertise. Together with Inbox Business Technologies, Engro aims to implement and provide these customized digital solutions to a broad base of industrial partners in Pakistan which will help develop a more digitally competitive industry whilst simultaneously enhancing operational performance across the board.”

Inbox Business Technologies CEO Mir Nasir claimed:

“Inbox Business Technologies and Engro are committed to bringing transformational solutions to Pakistan. We are proud to enter into this collaboration with Engro through which we will provide advanced digital applications for the Company’s key industrial segments.”

Before this GE and Engro had also done a contract of a digital industrial alliance  with a aim of the betterment and development of digital industrial

They have also aimed to setup a brilliant new software applications on GE’s Predix platform.


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