More than 80 million units of the iPhone 13 expected to be sold this quarter

iPhone 13 satellite

Apple has seen some rather impressive numbers when it comes to the sales of the iPhone 13 series and now it is expected that the brand will end up increasing its lead with the bumper sales as far as the current quarter goes too – i.e from October to December this year.

In accordance with what a new report coming in from an analyst says, Apple is estimated to sell more than 80 million iPhones aa far as the current holiday quarter goes – which of course happens to be the brand’s first fiscal quarter as far as the year 2022 goes.

It was said that even though the world is going through a chip shortage crisis, the demands of iPhones are continuing to grow in both the US as well as China – both of whom are very major markets. In that vein then, it is indeed a positive sign that the brand could end up exceeding selling 80 million iPhones in the quarter.

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It was further highlighted that between Black Friday and Christmas, the brand could end up selling around 40 million units of the phone. And to make matters even better for Apple, it is also expected that during this time, the brand will manage to sell up to 100 million units of the Airpods in this particular quarter.

All this is also in line with what J.P Morgan had predicted based on the delivery times for the iPhone 13 series. Indeed the investment firm was quick to note that with the delivery time frame continuing to grow longer for the 2021 models of the iPhone, demand is surpassing supply by around 15%.

Of course much most industries, Apple’s iPhone production too has been suffering at the hand of the global chip shortage that just doesn’t seem to be ending any time soon. So it will be interesting to see how Apple manages to keep up with the ever growing demand for its flagship devices. 


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