Jaan Pakistan, a social startup based in Lahore is introducing a range of clean cooking solutions for everyday cooking as well as recreational outdoor cooking, across the globe. It’s the first cross subsidy business platform of its kind in Lahore. Revenues generated through global sales are directly linked to the arduous, and often resource intensive task of changing culinary behaviors in low ­income, off­grid communities.

Jaan Pakistan CEO, Khizr Imran Tajammul pledges on the startup’s very first crowdfunding campaign: ‘half the funds we raise will be channeled towards our efforts in low income communities across

Pakistan; we want people to adopt clean cooking practices that will save human life and the world we in

habit’ Nearly half the world still burns a variety of solid fuels in open fires to cook food and to generate
heat. The adverse effects of open fires are devastating, ranging from heightening the incidence of a myriad of potentially fatal, respiratory illnesses, to environmental degradation, and a waste of precious time and income.

Clean cook stove movements are mobilizing communities across the globe, molding behaviors to

disengage from traditional culinary behaviors and adopt new practices that save precious life, time, natural resources and money.

Jaan Pakistan is poised to take on the challenge in Pakistan. The team has run their operations over two years since June 2014. This on a meager USD 20,000 seed capital, which Khizr won in October 2014 at the fifth One Young World Summit in Dublin. Finally, Jaan Pakistan is no win a position to test its

business model.

COO/CFO, Jaan Pakistan, Danyal Hussain Tirmazi, says: ‘we are depending on the incredible
strength of Pakistan’s expat community; over 15 billion US dollars were remitted back to
Pakistan last year; a nominal percentage of this amount can change millions of lives across

Jaan Pakistan is forging strategic partnerships with a series of organizations to move forward in
its mission and is currently collaborating with a London based crowdfunding platform, UpEffect,
to help generate interest in its products and its mission across Pakistani expat communities as
well as outdoor cooking enthusiasts everywhere.


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