On Friday, the Lahore High Court presided over by Justice Shahid Karim, issued a directive instructing the police not to file FIRs against motorbike riders who fail to wear helmets. This decision came during the hearing of petitions related to smog.

During the proceedings, a Senior Superintendent of Traffic Police informed the court that more than 26,000 FIRs had been registered against underage drivers and individuals violating helmet regulations.

Justice Karim expressed his opinion that filing FIRs for not wearing helmets was unduly harsh. He suggested an alternative approach of increasing fines for violations and prohibiting the police from initiating cases solely for helmet non-compliance.

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In addition to this, the court ordered the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Parks and Horticulture Authority (PHA) to formulate a policy for planting trees on the rooftops of commercial buildings.

The court directed the Punjab Advocate General to facilitate a meeting between a delegation of Chinese environmental specialists and members of the judicial water commission. Justice Karim, noting the global trend of decreasing oil consumption due to alternative energy sources, mandated the provincial government to install solar power systems in educational institutions.

While acknowledging the positive impact of planting trees in colleges and schools, the judge urged various departments to submit progress reports by the following week.


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