Yesterday, we were treated to detailed CAD-based renders unveiling the upcoming Google Pixel 9 Pro. Now, it’s the turn of its smaller and more budget-friendly counterpart to take center stage – the standard Pixel 9. A notable evolution is immediately apparent compared to its predecessor, the Pixel 8. The Pixel 9 boasts a rear camera setup with three lenses, including a periscope zoom lens, marking a significant upgrade for the standard Pixel line and bringing it closer to the Pro variant in terms of camera capabilities.


Another discernible change is Google’s adoption of the ‘flat sides’ design trend, initially popularized by Apple. The curved frame of the Pixel 8 has been replaced with a sleek, iPhone-inspired flatness. This transformation extends to the camera island, which now takes on an oval shape across its entirety, almost spanning the phone’s entire width. Unlike the Pixel 8, where only the camera housing area was oval, the new design does not spill over into the frame but rather ends near it.

Despite these changes, the material of the camera island retains a metallic appearance, preserving the familiar Pixel aesthetics. While not a complete replication of previous Pixel designs, it maintains enough distinctiveness to uphold its Pixel design identity.

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On the front, there’s a welcome shift to symmetrical bezels, a flat screen, and a centered punch-hole cutout for the selfie camera. Projected dimensions for the Pixel 9 are 152.8 x 71.9 x 8.5 mm, with the camera bump adding a thickness of 12 mm.

 Google Pixel 9
Leaked Details of Google Pixel 9 Reveal Significant Camera Enhancement and Design Resembling iPhone.

These measurements make it slightly taller, wider, and slimmer compared to its predecessor. The device is anticipated to feature a 6.1-inch display, slightly smaller than that of the Pixel 8, suggesting a potential adjustment in aspect ratio.

The official launch of the Pixel 9 is still several months away, as these phones typically debut in the fall each year.


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