The present day definition of driving is slightly changed as advancements of several functional apps which are providing conveyance to you. This looks weird for older time sake but now it is possible.  Limofied™ – an Australian-owned, rapidly growing ride-share, car-hire and car-booking app, is now being launched in Pakistan. It allows passengers using smartphones to submit a trip request, which is then transmitted to the closest Limofied™ drivers, who use their legally registered vehicles to provide timely, comfortable and courteous transportation services to a variety of consumer segments.

This application will be officially launched by Limofied™ in Lahore on the 17th of December 2016, where the passengers will be able to book a car for point-to-point travel, airport transfers, weddings or special events for corporate clients and leisure travels. By the passage of time, these services will also be expanded to all other important cities of Pakistan.

Limofied will bring a whole new standard of high quality, professional car-travel services, to compete with Uber and Careem. One added feature offered by Limofied is “La femme” for the female passengers, are the female Car drivers, promising the ultimate security and peace-of-mind to the female passengers.

It must be noted that it is going to be world-class App, website and service center, the customers can access reliable 24/7 facilities, seamlessly connected to its vast network of professional and licensed drivers.

This service is already available in most major cities of Australia and many European cities too. Its network is growing rapidly due to its cost-effective pricing, transparency and simplified app design.  ‘Always on Time’ is the basic promise of Limofied, as it delivers an unparalleled degree of reliability along with multiple options for booking your rides in advance, via our website, phone or mobile app.

When you will reach your destination riding this cab, you will get an auto-generated e-receipt for the exact amount you have paid. Using proprietary technology, every car in the Limofied fleet is tracked.

Limofied is the ideal and affordable choice for discerning clients, who value their time, value their safety, and appreciate quality, delivered by this industry’s best drivers on-time, every time.


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