Rumors abound regarding Apple’s forthcoming next-generation iPad Pro and iPad Air models, reportedly set for an early May debut.

Leaks consistently suggest a major upgrade for the upcoming iPad Pro lineup, with OLED screens poised to take center stage. This marks a significant leap in display technology. Additionally, the iPad Air is expected to undergo a notable transformation, transitioning from a single device to a series offered in two sizes, mirroring the structure of the iPad Air line for the first time.

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The gap between the previous iPad Pro release and the impending one is the longest in Apple’s tablet history, spanning approximately a year and a half. Despite the extended wait, anticipation is high, with promises of OLED screens not only improving visual quality but also contributing to a thinner device.

Reports indicate intensified production efforts ahead of the anticipated launch, signaling Apple’s strategic anticipation of a rejuvenation in tablet sales. Recent trends have shown a decline in iPad sales over the past two fiscal years, with a further 25% year-over-year drop recorded during the previous holiday season. This shift contrasts with previous years when iPads were popular gifts during festive periods.

The new iPad Pros are expected to be powered by M3 chips and will be compatible with redesigned versions of the Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil. There’s even speculation that the Pencil could support the Vision Pro VR headset. The iPad Air is rumored to sport a larger 12.9-inch screen and a new chipset. Originally planned for a March release, both models were delayed to May due to additional software development time and the longer production process for OLED screens.


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